Tips For The Green Card Interview Process

The last stride of the procedure to end up plainly a legitimate perpetual occupant is the green card meet. Here are a few hints to enable you to succeed.

Before being affirmed for a green card (legal lasting living arrangement in the U.S.), most – yet not all – candidates must go to a meeting. Where that meeting will be held relies upon where you’re applying. Individuals originating from abroad will usually go to their meeting at a U.S. department, while those applying in the U.S. (through the procedure known as “alteration of status”) will go to their meeting at an office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Notwithstanding where the meeting is held, be that as it may, the accompanying tips will help you to pass and get endorsement for a green card.

Survey Your Application Beforehand

An unavoidable piece of your discussion will be the material in your application. Survey every one of the structures, regardless of whether you set them up or another person did. For instance, if your solicitor presented an Affidavit of Support for your sake, which demonstrated money related ability to help you alongside all individuals from his or her family, you would prefer not to be asserting at the meeting that he or she has more, or less individuals living with him than expressed on the frame – which could cast question either on your candidate’s honesty or capacity to help you.

Plan to Mention and Prove Any Changes to Information in Your Application Forms

Check whether anything has changed in the weeks or months since the structures were rounded out and the reports were submitted. Bring along confirmation of any progressions, for example, another address or name change. For changes in conjugal status, in a family visa circumstance, ensure the visa candidate is as yet qualified for the green card under the applicable class. (Somebody applying in the classification of “unmarried kid,” for instance, needs to remain unmarried albeit through acquiring endorsement for perpetual living arrangement.)

Come clean

Lying amid a green card meeting can get you into more noteworthy inconvenience than whatever the first issue you were endeavoring to conceal. On the off chance that you believe you have to cover something up, converse with a lawyer before proceeding with your application.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean you have to volunteer any possibly negative data. Answer the inquiries that are asked, however don’t gab or present more data than serves your interests.

In Marriage-Based Visa Interviews: Prepare for Many Personal Questions

Marriage-based green card applications get more investigation than any others. The movement officer will need to see proof of your legitimate marriage and shared life, for example, wedding photographs, letters you’ve kept in touch with each other, joint Mastercard charges, home leases, kids you’ve had together, charges in the two names, similar to utility and PDA bills, et cetera.

At that point prepare with your immigration attorney for particular inquiries, similar to subtle elements on how you met, your first date, what you had for supper the previous evening, if your mate has any skin colorations or scars, or what a portion of the relatives’ names are, the place certain items in your home are, the means by which each of you gets the opportunity to work who does the shopping, et cetera. There is no set rundown of inquiries – the officer is allowed to design them. You and your mate should test each other in advance. Indeed, even legitimately wedded couples can without much of a stretch overlook things, similar to what number of individuals you welcomed to the wedding, or what blessings you gave each other for the last occasion.

Amid the meeting, your non-verbal communication will be taken note. You might need to clasp hands to give the correct impression, however don’t go over the edge and make it seem like you are faking the affections.

In the event that the officer gets any impression whatsoever that this marriage was performed just all together for one gathering to get a green card, he may meet each of you independently and afterward look at your answers. In specific cases, if there is noteworthy confirmation indicating extortion, the officer may visit your living arrangement to check that you live respectively.

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